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Elevate your journey with our luxury car rentals, providing top-tier vehicles for an unmatched driving experience.

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Alexander Pavlopoulos, also known as Sperxos in the culinary world, isn't just your typical chef. He's a living encyclopedia of tastes and culinary traditions from Greece, which he passionately represents in Dubai. His talent isn't confined to Greek cuisine alone; he plays with flavors and aromas from various cultures, crafting dishes that inspire and astonish. Regardless of your culinary fantasies, Sperxos turns them into reality, surprising you with flavors you've only ever dreamed of.

450 aed/day


The weekend's approaching, and you're planning a romantic dinner with your partner. But the question arises: who will take care of the kids while you're away? Don't worry, we have experienced babysitters who can help you take a break. Our caring babysitters know how to handle children of all ages. Their experience and training allow them to understand kids better. They know how to meet their needs and ensure joy and satisfaction. Only the most experienced and reliable candidates make it through our selection process.



- refresh villa from 530 aed/day
- refresh apartment from 150 aed/day


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Each of our guest rooms feature a private bath, wi-fi, cable television and include full breakfast.


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